Case Study - Nicks Story

Tell me more about Nick

Nick was complacent, comfortable with processes, and knew what needed to be done; however, he felt he had become stale. He came in to work, did his job and went home. He didn’t feel as if he was fulfilling his potential, and on some days, he recognised it was because he lacked motivation.

Nick likes to come into work and do his own thing. He likes the freedom to just “get on with it”.

At the start of the 12 weeks, Nick thought the Ignite Programme would disrupt his comfortable existence and that he would be constantly analysed. Nick felt that he had no challenges at work so coming into Ignite was worth the risk. After all, he had nothing to lose, and he might gain something new to motivate him. Rather than me sharing what worked for Nick, I’ll let him tell you in his own words.  

“Working with Claire was good. She spotted straight away how I like to work and adapted to suit my style. In other words, she just let me get on with it while at the same time providing feedback and challenges so I could continue to push myself outside my comfort zone.”  

“She helped me identify ways in which I could manage my early morning motivation issues which helped inspire me for the rest of the day. Claire said she would listen to a few of my calls from the morning when I get in because we had established this was where my calls weren’t at my highest standards. This automatically made me focus and put more energy into my calls in the morning, and as a result, this got me into a good habit for the rest of the day. This is a habit I have since carried forward every morning even when I may not be feeling the most awake.”  

“I also had the chance to complete some SWOT analysis and self-learning exercises. This allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as well as consider the potential opportunities and threats. By highlighting how I can improve as a person helped me realise that I had potential to do more.”  

“Since Ignite, I have started doing more non-phone work, such as peer-to-peer coaching with new members of staff so I can share best practice. I have attended trial sessions run by managers to test the effectiveness of practices before rolling them out to other consultants e.g. “Effective Questioning” sessions. I then ran these sessions with members of my team afterwards.”  

“I am currently achieving exceed bonus ratings. I now feel I have the opportunity to progress and that I am a more valued employee in the company. Prior to Ignite, I was meeting customers’ needs. Now I feel I am sharing some of my experience and knowledge with other consultants to help them in their role too.”  

What Nick is doing 18 months later  

Nick applied for a role in the branch network and secured a promotion. He is now going to share all of the customer services knowledge he gained in the contact centre in a face-to-face environment, so proving that all his skills are transferable and that he can be an asset in the branch network. 

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