Executive Coaching Day

I think it’s fair to say that the pandemic allowed us to stop, take stock, consider what is important in life, and question how valued we feel.

For me, that happened in April 2011 after returning to work following my second maternity leave.

Financially, I felt I had no choice but to return whilst I certainly wasn’t ready emotionally.

For 10 weeks, I faked it, put on my make up, dressed appropriately for the leadership role I had and smiled even though inside I was crumbling.

I finally crashed and burned, resulting in going off sick with work-related stress.


It may not be the same situation, but something similar where you needed support that you may not have needed before and struggled to understand why?

This is where the support of an Executive and Corporate Coach would’ve been a game-changer for me.

I went on my own journey of self-discovery, being coached myself and then developing my coaching skills (which I used on my return to work). I eventually left the corporate world to build my own coaching business.

I’ve been in those shoes and know what it takes to come out the other side.

Here are some areas that I’ve supported leaders and their teams with to increase employee engagement and empowerment.

💪 Conflict Resolution

💪 Effective Communication

💪 Team Building

💪 Adapting to Change

💪 Values and Beliefs

Today is #NationalExecutiveCoachingDay – could this be the day you commit to achieve success for yourself or your team?

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